Lakota Drum and Bugle Corps

Sponsor a Bugle Campaign

Help support your local drum and bugle corps. Sponsor a Bugle. To insure our success in the near future, we need your help.

Here is how it works. When you donate money to our horn fund,
we will engrave the horn we buy with the money you donated with
the name of you or a loved one.

This is great to commemorate birthdays, weddings, and
anniversaries. This would also be a good as an in memorium gift.

Prices are as follows: Horn Price of Horn Minimum Donation
Soprano Bugle $300 $75 1/4 horn price
Mellophone Bugle $400 $100 1/4 horn price
Baritone Bugle $600 $75 1/8 horn price
Euphonium Bugle $800 $100 1/8 horn price
Contrabass $1600 $100 1/16 horn price

If you donate the full price of the horn, you will be sole sponsor
of the horn and only the name you choose will be on it.

Come and see us at a local show and we will show you your horn!!

note- Lakota is applying for 501(c)(3)non-profit status, making
your donation tax deductible.
Interested in sponsoring? Click here.
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